Lisa's Story

Determined To Stay Strong

Meet Lisa, who is preparing for a healthier, stronger postnatal journey with her third baby by maintaining a fit pregnancy this time around. She's making it all happen through adapted strength training, increased knowledge of her pelvic floor, enjoying the journey, and kicking her feet up - but only when she needs to.

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Ema's Story

Finding My Motivation

Meet Ema, pregnant with her first and proving to herself that change can happen when you make the choice to live healthier. She believes that it’s never too late to start taking your health and fitness seriously - and pregnancy is the best place to start! You just need to find your motivation.

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Kirsty's Story

Cycling for change

Meet Kirsty, who was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer at the age of 29, in the midst of trying to have a baby. While it was a devastating diagnosis, she and her husband were able to have a child together that defied all odds – with the help of a very special sister.

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Jani's Story

Quieting the Noise

Meet Jani, a serious runner who is still logging an impressive amount of kilometers late in her second trimester. Although she's had plenty of naysayers criticize the fact that she's running while pregnant, she's focused on quieting the noise and trusting herself and her body.

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Jennifer's Story

Learning As I Go

Meet Jennifer, a physical therapist and fitness instructor whose passion for fitness is still going strong in her first pregnancy. She's put the time and effort into researching, learning from others, and growing her understanding of how to work out safely, yet effectively with a baby on the way.

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Tommie's Story

Lifting For Energy

Meet Tommie, a full-time pharmacist who's also dedicated to her full-time workouts! Like most of us, she struggles with pregnancy fatigue and keeping motivation up, but she focuses on getting through those first 15 minutes at the gym, because after that the energy and motivation come back in full force.

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Alisha's Story

Cool, calm, and committed

Meet Alisha, a women's fitness and health coach who is pregnant with her first and in the early stages of her pregnancy. She's a goal-oriented go-getter who is committed to her pre-pregnancy workout schedule and making modifications as needed to stick with it. Her exercise message: something is always better than nothing!

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Brittanie's Story

Modifying My Movements

Meet Brittanie, a mom of twins and a toddler with her fourth child on the way! After having been on bed rest in her first two pregnancies, she's loving staying active and sticking to her 5-day-a-week exercise routine. For her, it's all about modifying your moves to make fitness work for you and treating yourself right - before, during and after exercise!

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Bri's Story

Taking time for myself

Meet Bri, a mom of 2 with her third on the way! She's run everything from marathons to obstacle courses, 200-mile relays to crazy long-distance trail runs. To her exercise is sacred time to take care of herself and her health, and there's nothing selfish about that -- and that's the message she wants to share with you!

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Sunema's Story

Practicing Body Awareness

Meet Sunema, a professional Polynesian dancer and athlete who has continued to practice self and body awareness throughout her pregnancy with her first child. She's maintained her active lifestyle - which includes surfing, hiking, and yoga - by making the necessary adjustments.

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Emily's Story

Being Body Positive

Meet Emily, a health coach who went through an incredible fitness and weight loss journey prior to her pregnancy and is now crushing the game in prenatal exercise. She's all about body positivity, personal development, and cheering on other mamas to be.

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Gaby's Story

Staying Strong & Resilient

Meet Gaby, who found her love for exercise (and running marathons!) after moving to London and ditching unhealthy habits in favor of a better lifestyle. She's stayed true to her passion for fitness throughout her pregnancy and channels her energy to keeping her strength and stamina sky high.

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Laura's Story

Going for my goals

Meet Laura, who stays tuned in on her post-birth recovery goals to help her power through her pregnancy workouts. She encourages joining other like-minded moms-to-be in your mission to stay fit and strong during pregnancy, which is what we're all about!

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Mia's Story

Connecting With My Body

Meet Mia, a yoga teacher and certified nutritionist who focuses on exercising her body and mind on a daily basis through yoga, weight training, swimming, and cardio. She drowns out the noise of pregnancy exercise myths by staying connected with her body and trusting herself.

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Christy's Story

Consistency Is Everything

Meet Christy, an avid golfer and fitness fanatic who is dedicated to her 5x-a-week workout routine. As a nurse, credible health information is very important to her, and she's relied on research to help her know that her workouts are safe and beneficial for her and her baby.

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Angela's Story

Early Morning Mover

Meet Angela, pregnant with her third and sticking to a consistent workout routine during pregnancy for the first time and reaping all the benefits! She credits her early morning workouts to helping her feel great and fighting off first-trimester exhaustion.

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Lore's Story

Living passionately

Meet Lore, an active yogini who has stayed true to herself, her practice, and her love of inversions during her pregnancy. Through listening to her body and staying confident in her knowledge of her body's limits and her yoga practice, she's been able to continue doing the things she loves and living passionately every day.

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Lauren's Story

Running with confidence

Meet Lauren, a postnatal trainer and spin instructor who is in her third trimester (with her 2nd!) and uses running, spinning, and teaching HIIT classes to keep in touch with who she is and what's important to her.

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Nichole's Story

Shifting the perspective

Meet Nichole, who’s just given birth to her second and was lifting serious weights throughout her 3rd trimester. While dealing with piriformis and hip pain throughout her pregnancy, she's trusted her intuition and stayed active and proactive with exercises to help the pain, while staying passionate about shifting the perspective on prenatal exercise.

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Mace's Story

Staying fit for three

Meet Mace, a first-time mom-to-be in her first trimester and expecting twins! Being on bed rest and limited activity because she's considered "high risk" in her first trimester hasn't dampened her spirits. She's managed to stay as active as possible and is focused on the future to keep her fitness motivation sky high.

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Andrea's Story

Honoring my body

Meet Andrea, who has been dancing, spinning, and power yoga-ing her way through her first trimester. She's been fighting the good fight against the drain of early pregnancy symptoms - and she credits moving her body for helping her manage fatigue and nausea. Above all, she focuses on honoring her body and giving it what it needs.

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