Early Morning Mover

Angela's Story

Meet Angela, pregnant with her third and sticking to a consistent workout routine during pregnancy for the first time and reaping all the benefits!  She credits her early morning workouts to helping her feel great and fighting off first-trimester exhaustion. 

What was the biggest myth told to you about pregnancy exercise, that you know (or now know) isn’t true?
In my previous pregnancies (this is my 3rd!) I believed that you could only do pregnancy specific workouts like prenatal yoga or low impact, no equipment workouts.

What was your exercise routine before this pregnancy?
During my last pregnancy I took a bit of a workout hiatus, which was initially triggered by my first-trimester exhaustion. That exercise break extended well beyond my first trimester to about Week 23, when eventually I became fed up with the way I felt and decided to make a change! I found a workout routine that I loved and it made me feel so good that I began waking up at 5 AM nearly 7 Days a week through the remainder of my pregnancy, constantly looking forward to that awesome post-workout feeling! After my baby was born my workout moved to the evening for the first few months since my baby was up at night, but the routine stuck because I was still working out on a daily basis and it has been pure habit ever since. That was over 3 years ago now! I'm writing this on a Saturday morning, and still, I am up at 5 AM to get my workout in. I don’t even think about it anymore, it’s just what I do. I am a fan of early bedtimes because I do like my sleep, but I also love my quiet mornings to myself so much!

What does your exercise routine look like now? 
I am so happy to say that this pregnancy my workout routine has barely changed at all! I have been able to continue getting up at 5 AM nearly every day and get a workout in. I am very proud of that and I think that it’s been a huge contributing factor to how good I feel and I noticed that my first-trimester exhaustion wasn’t nearly as bad as it was with my first two pregnancies! I am definitely crediting that to my continued daily workouts.

What has been the biggest challenge in pursuing physical fitness and exercise during pregnancy?
I think it was finding the balance between giving myself permission to modify moves as needed while also challenging myself to get stronger. I know that I will not be able to push as hard in every move, however, I don’t want to let pregnancy be my excuse to make things easier when there are moves I know I can push through. So it's finding that sweet spot of working as hard as I can without pushing it too far.

Early on in this pregnancy I also had crazy carb cravings, partly to ease nausea and also from aversions to lots of the healthier foods that I would normally eat. Despite working out daily my nutrition was unbalanced for a while and I gained weight quickly at first. Now I am grateful to be feeling back to normal, eating healthy again and stabilizing my weight into the healthy range through a combination of diet and exercise.

How did you overcome this to Shape Your Pregnancy?
I try to push myself where I can and give myself permission to take it a bit easier when needed. I always try to check myself to see if I'm modifying a workout because my body needs that or if I'm just trying to take the easy way out. It's definitely something that I have to think about every day! Since the cravings and aversions are gone I have committed to eating really clean, meal planning, meal prepping and limiting sugar and processed foods.

What message would you want to share with other expecting and new moms?
Don’t let pregnancy be your excuse to not exercise or to eat whatever you want! You will regret that after the birth for sure! It is amazing how good you can feel with daily workouts and good nutrition in addition to knowing that you are providing the best for your baby. When I eat clean I feel great about all the good nutrition I am providing my baby with, and it makes a difference to how I'm feeling as well. I recently saw something that said babies of mothers who workout during pregnancy score higher on intelligence tests in the first years of their life! Worth a shot!

Also, know that you can do almost any workout that you’ve done prior to pregnancy with some modifications! Pregnancy is not as limiting as many people believe, so don't let that sway you. Talk to your doctor, do your research and listen to your body it is when it comes to working out, and you can still do a lot of the same workouts. 

Do you use the Baby2Body app?
Not yet! Just downloaded the app! I look forward to exploring it more! : )

Final thoughts: 
Move daily, eat healthily and your pregnancy will feel amazing or at least significantly better than if you don’t. Also, I highly recommend getting those early morning workouts in now while you can! I always say babies are much easier to care for in your bellies than out! Take advantage of this time for you before they arrive.