Lifting For Energy

Tommie's Story

Meet Tommie, a full-time pharmacist who's also dedicated to her full-time workouts! Like most of us, she struggles with pregnancy fatigue and keeping motivation up, but she focuses on getting through those first 15 minutes at the gym, because after that the energy and motivation come back in full force. 

What was the biggest pregnancy exercise myth told to you that you knew (or now know) wasn’t true?
Oh wow, I heard several! Many people will tell you not to work out, to eat a CRAZY amount of food, and to rest in abundance. Little did they know, laziness is not for me :-)

What was your exercise routine before becoming pregnant? 
Similar to what it is now, lifting weights 4-6 days a week depending on what my work schedule will allow. I trained lower body 2-3 days a week, shoulders and triceps 1-2 days, and back and biceps 1-2 days/week.

What does your exercise routine look like now?
The same! Still training with the same frequency and splits, I just have to do slight modifications here and there. I have been having lower back pain, so some modifications have been needed.  Whenever I reduce the amount of weight I'm using, I just add on more reps.  I am also more careful about my heart rate, I take more time between sets to not let it get too high.

What has been the biggest challenge in pursuing physical fitness and exercise during pregnancy?
Being tired!!  As a full-time pharmacist, I am often exhausted at the end of the day and that was especially true during my first trimester.  Plus you are VERY limited to your caffeine intake during pregnancy, so it was VERY difficult to motivate myself to get to the gym....but I did it!

How did you overcome this challenge to Shape Your Pregnancy?
I change up my workouts every so often to keep me motivated.  I have found that after 15 minutes in the gym, the initial dread is over and my energy and motivation return!

What message would you want to share with other expecting and new moms?
To be honest, sometimes pregnancy is not that FUN, but you can make it better!  You don't need to, nor should you do anything too extreme, but making sure to workout and take care of yourself is so important. At the same time, allow yourself to rest when needed and indulge in treats from time to time.  

Do you use Baby2Body?
I do, and I've been able to connect with many women through the page!  Its great to see other like-minded women on the same journey.