Honoring my body

Andrea's Story

Meet Andrea, who has been dancing, spinning, and power yoga-ing her way through her first trimester. She's been fighting the good fight against the drain of early pregnancy symptoms - and she credits moving her body for helping her manage fatigue and nausea. Above all, she focuses on honoring her body and giving it what it needs.

What was the biggest myth told to you about pregnancy exercise, that you know (or now know) isn’t true?

First off, that women shouldn’t work out when pregnant! Intensity can remain as long as mamas are staying in tune with not pushing too hard. I’ve also heard pregnant women shouldn’t do isometric exercises, such as planks. This is not true! I’ve watched women do incredible handstands and other exercises that require you to really hold the core muscles while expecting. Shoulder bridge, planks, wall sits, and more are all included!

What was your exercise routine before becoming pregnant? 
I do power yoga almost every day, and 3 professional level ballet classes a week, Pilates classes from time to time, and I would go running about once a week. 

What does your exercise routine look like now?

It's actually very very similar to what I am still doing, which I'm grateful for. I’ve stopped running because I know for me it’s too intense! I’ve swapped out running for some lower impact options - primarily spinning classes and using the elliptical instead of the treadmill. I find that my muscles feel looser before and my joints more sensitive, so running just isn’t working for me right now, and that’s okay! Other than that - nothing much has changed so far!

What has been the biggest challenge in pursuing physical fitness and exercise during pregnancy?

First trimester fatigue and nausea! 
How did you overcome this challenge to Shape Your Pregnancy?

Relying on the knowledge that I feel LOADS better when I move my body for a while. That tiredness and sickness just sort of magically go away (even if just for a little while)! Sometimes it is really tough to get started, but once my mind is on the movement, I start to feel better already. Also knowing that it’s OKAY to pass on a workout has helped me stay confident. Some days you need rest! Learning to honor exactly what my body needs day to day has been one of the hardest but best parts of my pregnancy. 

What message would you want to share with other expecting and new moms?

If you are already working out regularly, stick to it as best you can! Working out helps me feel top notch, and because I know my baby is safe while I'm working out l gladly get my hefty dose of endorphins. If you aren’t used to working out often, it may not be the best time to start a new, rigorous routine, but giving prenatal Pilates or yoga a spin is a great place to start! Plenty of squats and daily pelvic floor exercises are miracle workers for new and expecting mamas!

Do you use Baby2Body?

Yes!! I really like the app and am very happy to be involved in this campaign.